As models sell on Ebay I am now listing the selling price, since many factors come into play with items up for auction this can
only be taken as a very general value. I will try to give a basic description of the condition from the information on the listing. A range of
prices will be selected, to save space duplicate prices, within a few dollars, for similar engines will not be listed.


The Number 14, manufactured from the late 1800's up to 1940, was Weedens most popular engine. It has a six legged table style cast iron frame, a design shared with two other similar electrically heated models, the No.647 and No.648. The No.14's distinctive boiler, with the four rows of rivets, is heated with a rectangular shaped three wick burner. The engine may be reversed simply by stopping it and flipping the flywheel in the other direction.

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Weeden No.14 from 1920's

Thanks Rob M.

The boiler always had the distinctive four rows of rivets except for the last model, earlier models had a logo embossed on the end cap and a dark red cast iron base. The whistle and sight glass fittings were cast lead. Not all models were equipped with sight glasses.


Thanks Alan R.

The slide valve on the first models was a flat brass strip held to the cylinder with a X shaped brass clip.


The 1920's models had the name embossed on the boiler and a brighter red base. The whistle and sight glass fittings were now brass.

In the 1930's the boiler had a decal instead of the embossed name and almost an orange colored base.

All models came with simulated govenor which is often missing on units offered for sale today.

Engine is 6 1/4" high, base is 6" X 5 3/4".

Early No. 14
Note concave end caps on boiler and lever style safety valve. Thanks Dave G.

Last model No. 14
Rivets are no longer on tank.
Thanks Rob M.

Green No. 14's

Thanks Steamrgene

This is the First style No. 14, the green paint is original. It has the weeden shield on the front boiler end cap (it did not show in the photo). It also has the early style lever safety valve, there is no sight glass.

A later No.14 with a green base was produced for a short time as well, there is very little information about this rare engine.

Thanks Rob M.

Copy of Original Operating Instructions for No. 14 - .pdf file.
Thanks Ted B.

Ebay Sales of No. 14's

March / 17 - Good condition, no burner - 15 bids - 76.00 USD

June /13 - Fair condition, no burner - 4 bids - 92.00 USD

Jan. /15- Missing burner, damaged boiler - 3 bids - 100.99 USD

Jan. /15 - No burner , no sight glass, needs clean up - 15 bids - 122.50 USD

Feb. /15 - Good condition, with burner - 39 bids - 208.00 USD

Jan. /15 - Excellent condition, no burner- 17 bids - 305.00 USD

Feb. /12 - Good condition, green base, complete with burner - 34 bids - 361.00 USD

Sept. /09 - Early model, logo on boiler cap - 35 bids - 406.00 USD

Ebay Sales of No. 14 Burners

Aug. /12 - Good condition. - 4 bids - 41.00 USD

Jan. /12 - Good condition. - 7 bids - 61.00 USD

Jan. /12 - Good condition. - 26 bids - 95.00 USD


Thanks Dave G.

The Weeden 647 is an electrified version of the No. 14, manufactured between 1927 and 1933. This model never had the four rows of rivets on the tank. Base is 6" X 5 3/4", stands 6 1/4" high.

This engine uses a two wire cord so does not have a ground, instructions for adding a ground wire are available at

Ebay Sales of No. 647's

May / 09 - Rough, incomplete - 18 bids - 67.99 USD

Sept./ 12 - Needs restoration - 7 bids - 66.00 USD

June / 12 - Good condition, no cord - 7 bids - 73.00 USD

Feb./ 15 - Good condition, no cord, 11 bids - 115.00 USD


Patent Prints



Thanks Dave G

Example of nickel plated model
Thanks Alan R.

The No. 648, also electrically heated, has an enclosed firebox and was mounted on a second larger cast iron base that added weight and more stability to the engine. Base 7 1/4" X 6 1/2", it stands 7" high, introduced in 1927 and produced into 1940.

This engine uses a two wire cord so does not have a ground, instructions for adding a ground wire are available at

Ebay Sales of No. 648's

Aug./ 12 - No whistle, needs restoration - 7 bids - 55.50

Dec, /16 - Complete, good condition - 7 bids - 107.98 USD

June / 12 - Good condition, no cord - 12 bids - 127.50 USD

Dec. / 09 - Good condition, complete - 17 bids - 154.85 USD

April / 09 - Nice condition, no heating element - 167.50 USD

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Similar Table Style Engines

Photo Thanks Micnmoe

Little is know about the history of this Bing engine, listed as either a 10/120 or 70/120.
Often mistaken for a Weeden No. 14, particullarily if the dark base with red pinstripes has been repainted. The groove in the flywheel and the shape of the cylinder are easy identifying features.


Thanks Murray W.

The Bing engine has a distinctive governor that looks like it is upside down.

Rumour has it that one year Montgomery Ward tried to get a better deal on No.14's from Weeden, when that failed they had Bing manufacture a similar engine. When Bing was unable to keep up with the demand for Christmas orders they were forced to purchase No.14's from jobbers at an even higher price to fill their orders.

Thanks Morphy Auctions

Doll also made a similar model, though it is quite rare.

Thanks Morphy Auctions

This model by Buckman also has a bit in common with the No.14

Thanks Rick M.

The burner for the No. 14 is rectangular shaped with three wicks, both round and square corner styles were made..

How To Make a Burner

Thanks Rick M.

Early No. 14 cylinders were fastened with pins, later models had screws.

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