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The last Weeden steam engine was manufactured well over 60 years ago so there are not a lot of
parts remaining, too often engines are stripped for parts to rebuild the more popular models.
Hopefully these after market parts will help to preserve a few engines.
Purchases may be made through Paypal or with a major credit card, all prices are in USD.

For shipping to Canada and the USA, there will be a flat rate charge of $6.50.
International orders have an additional $5.00 charge payable from the button below:

I have been sorting out my parts drawer so will be listing some one of a kind odds and ends.

Drive Bands


black rubber


Black nitrile transmission band, 2mm in diameter, cut to length and glue ends together with crazy glue. Sold in 1 yard lengths.

$6.25 / yard


Green Band


Green transmission bands, 2mm in diameter. Cut to length and join by heating the ends over a flame so they bond together, then trim excess bulk. Sold in 1 yard lengths.

$6.25 / yard


Logo Decals

These decals are actual transfers applied wet, application instructions are included.

Decal 101

Logo Decal for flame heated engines.
2" X 9/16"

$5.45 ea.

Decal 102

Logo Decal for electrically heated engines.
2" X 9/16"

$5.45 ea.

Burner Wicks

No. 20 Burner Wick


Item 20WICK
8" long cotton wicks for No. 20 burner

$4.75 ea.


Sight Glasses

Replacement tubes come with a gasket on each end.

Installation instructions are included with each sight glass.

To check the length required remove the jam nuts on both fittings and check size of ports, if they are larger than 1/8" in diameter order the 1 1/8" long style as the sight glass goes inside the fitting. On fittings with smaller port openings the sight glass fits between the fittings so the shorter 1" glass is required.

1" Sight Glass Tube

Item SG1
1" long 3mm (1/8") sight glass tube, usually for engines prior to 1930's.

$5.00 ea.

1 1/8" Sight Glass Tube

Item SG118
1 1/8" long 3mm (1/8") sight glass tube, usually for engines after 1930's.

$5.00 ea.


I have bulk 3mm (1/8") tubing stock so can cut to custom lengths as well, give me a shout for a price

Replacement Nuts


Replacement brass nuts for original sight glass fitting with
1/4-20 threads which is common on most models.

$8.50 pr.


Sight Glass Replacement Unit

Item SG101
This brass sight glass replacement unit is very similar in appearance to the original units manufactured by Weeden. Comes with 1/8" diameter tube, with standard 1/4 - 32 tpi threads on the fitings, installation instructions included.

$27.50 ea.

Boiler Parts

Replacement Whistle
weeden whistle

Item WH1432

Replacement Whistle, solid brass with plain wooden handle.
Threaded 1/4-32 tpi to fit stock Weeden boilers.

39.50 ea.


Whistle Handle

whistle handle


Replacement unpainted wooden handle for stock whistles.

$2.50 ea.

Whistle Top


Replacement top for stock whistles.

$9.50 ea.

Replacement Safety Valve

Weeden Safety Valve

Item SV1432

Replacement safety valve, fits all engines with standard
1/4-32 thread.

$27.50 ea.

Replacement Boiler Bushings

boiler bushings

Item BU1432

1/4" X 32 replacement brass bushings to repair damaged threads for sight glass, whistle and safety valve on Weeden boilers. Must be soldered into boiler.

$8.50 pr.

Throttle Screw

Weeden Throttle Screw

Item TS632

Brass throttle screw for No.14, 647 & 648, this is a replacement part, not original.

$8.50 ea.

No. 32 - 34 Whistle Mount

aweeden 34 whistle mount
Weeden 34 Whistle adapter

Item WM1432

Brass replacement whistle mount for No. 32 - 34 style engines. Available as shown and threaded for the common 1/4 - 32 tpi Weeden whistles, 1/2" diameter mount. Whistle not included.

These can be threaded for old style Mamod whistles as a special order.

I also offer a low profile adapter for PM Reasearch whistles.
Contact Me For Details

$16.50 ea.

No. 32 - 34 Safety Valve Mount

Weeden Safety Valve adapter
Safety Valve

Item SV32ADP

Brass replacement safety valve mount for No. 32 - 34 style engines, works with Weeden stock safety valve Item SV1432. This has a longer stub than the original stock safety valve to allow it to tighten using the lower threads as the top few threads are often stripped, 11/16" diameter mount. Safety valve not included. 

$16.50 ea.


No. 670, 903 Syle Safety Valve Mount

safety valve adapter

Item SV670ADP

Brass replacement safety valve mount for No. 670, 900 series and other engines with the screw on safety valve top on steam dome 1/2" diameter mount, works with Weeden stock safety valve Item SV1432. Safety valve not included. 

$16.50 ea.

Air Hose Adapter

Air hose adapter

See About Running On Air

Item ADP1432

Brass air hose adapter with standard 1/4 - 32 tpi threads and 3/16" barb, fits 1/4" OD vinyl hose, gasket included. depending on available stock. This will also double as a steam fitting to run another engine from a unit such as a No. 14 with the throttle valve shut off.

$8.50 ea.


Boiler Bands




Boiler bands for No.14, matte black VHT finish, contoured profile to match originals.

$12.50 pr.


Blanking Plugs

Blanking Plug

Item BP1432

Blanking plugs with standard 1/4 - 32 tpi threads.

$8.25 pr.


Heater Cartridge


Item HTR

Heater Cartridge for No.43 and other models that are installed in a tube inside the boiler, 110 volts. Sorry no refunds on electrical items unless defective.

$23.50 ea.



Mica Sheets


3 3/4" x 6 1/4" flexible mica sheets to insulate boiler from heating elements on electrically heated models. Easily cut to size with scissors.

$4.25 ea.

1/8" OD Brass Tubing

Item TUBE18

1/8" O.D. brass tubing, 6" length, suitable for most Weeden models.

$3.50 ea.


5/32" OD Brass Tubing

Item TUBE532

5/32" O.D. brass tubing, 6" length, suitable for larger models such as No. 32, 34, 60 and 649.

$3.50 ea.


Appliance Cord

These cords are two wire style so do not have a ground, instructions for adding a ground wire are available at Steammods.com

Weeden Electrical Cord

6 ft. appliance cord with Weeden standard 11/16" pin spacing. Available from Amazon.com


Engine Parts

Governor Flyball

weeden governor flyball


Replacement flyball top, nickel plated finish.

17.50 ea.


Cylinder Endcap No. 14 etc.


Replacement endcap for No.14, 647, 648 and other similar cylinders, solid brass with oil hole plug, gasket included.

$17.50 ea.

Out of Stock

Cylinder Endcap No. 32, 34 etc.

end cap

Item 3234CAP

Replacement endcap for No.32, 34 and other similar cylinders, solid brass with oil hole plug. Gasket included. This item is made to order and has a 1 week assembly time.

$18.50 ea.

Brass Nuts

3-48 solid brass nuts for Weeden cylinder trunions.

Item 3-48NUT

$1.50 Pk. of 5



436 screw

4 - 36 Machine Screws

4 - 36 X 1/8" nickel plated machine screws for Weeden engines No. 32, 34, and similar cylinder holes. Also fit boiler bands on No's 647 & 648.

Item 436MS

$1.50 Pk. of 5


Washers and Gaskets

Brass Washers

Solid brass thin washers available in 2 sizes.

Item 964-516

9/64" hole, 5/16" outside diameter, fits 1/8" Weeden shafts.

$2.00 Pk. of 10


Item 532-38

5/32" hole, 3/8" outside diameter, fits Mamod and Meccano shafts.

$2.00 Pk. of 10



Black Buna-N o-rings, 6 pair of assorted sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" ID, 70 durometer.


$2.50 Pk. of 12


3/8"ID rubber gaskets

3/8" ID Rubber SV Gaskets

Black Rubber gaskets for bayonet style safety valves and cylinders that lock into square hole in boiler.


$.85 Pk. of 2


Teflon Gaskets

cylinder gasket

1/2" ID Teflon Gasket

1/2" ID X 3/4" OD gasket suitable for:
End cap of No. 14, 647, 648 and similar style cylinders.

No. 32 and 34 whistles.
No. 670 and 903 Safety Valves.

Item 12GSK

.85 ea.



11/16" ID Teflon Gasket

11/16" ID X 15/16" OD gasket suitable for No. 32 and 34 safety valves.

Item 1116GSK

$.85 ea.  

3/4" ID Teflon Gasket

3/4" ID X 1" OD gasket suitable for end cap of No. 32, 34 and similar style cylinders.

Item 34GSK

$.85 ea.


1/4" ID Red fibre washers

1/4" ID Red Fibre Gaskets

Red fibre gaskets, 1/4" ID X 3/8" OD, suitable for all 1/4" fittings.

Item 250FIBRE

$2.25 Pk. of 10


sight glass gaskets
Sight Glass Gaskets

Packs of 4 gaskets for 1/8" diameter sight glass tubes.

Note: These are to repair leaks in existing tubes, a pair is included with the purchase of the sight glass tubes we sell.


$.85 Pk. of 4


Taps and Dies

Weeden threads for fittings on the boiler are 1/4 - 32 tpi, many fittings available for modelling are a finer 1/4 - 40 tpi thread. I have also included a tap for Mamod whistles and safety valves which is a British standard 1/4 - 26 BSF.

Tapered, 1/4 - 32 tpi, stock Weeden threads.

Item 1/4-32TAP

$12.50 ea.


Tapered 1/4 - 40 tpi threads are common on many miniature brass fittings, not for stock Weeden threads.

Item 1/4-40TAP

$12.50 ea.


4 - 36 tpi, stock Weeden threads on No. 32, 34 engines.
Made in U.S.A.


Item 436TAP

$8.00 ea.


Tapered 1/4 - 26 tpi BSF threads are common on Mamod and other British whistles and safety valves

Item 1/4-26TAP

$12.50 ea.



1/4 - 32 tpi, stock Weeden threads.

13/16" Outside Diameter.

1/4 - 32 die

Item 1/4-32SDIE

$9.50 ea.



  Die Handle

Fits 13/16" diameter dies.

Item 1316HNDLE

$9.50 ea.




The items below are from outside sources and are available
directly from the suppliers

Drive Chain

To my knowledge the only source of drive chain for the Weeden tractors is from:

Carol & Dallas' Antique Toys

The chain is listed under "Items for Sale" on their page.

Cylinder Block

cylinder block

Bayonet style cylinder block for models where cylinder mounts on top of boiler.

$30.00 Plus $5.00 shipping.

Bayonet Base Safety Valve

Bayonet style safety valve for early Weeden models.

$45.00 Plus $5.00 shipping.

No. 14 Burner

The burner is 5 ” X 2 ” X 1 ”, black fire resistant paint over galvanized soldered sheet metal. These are each hand made so they all differ a little and are not always perfect. Seller guarantees that this burner will fire up your Weeden or your money back. $40.00 Plus $5.50 shipping.


Steam Engine Books

Weeden Steam is pleased to offer the following books:

Weeden Toy Steam Engines and Accessories Catalogue

Laser black and white reprint of an original 28 page catalogue featuring 47 images and descriptions of stationary engines, mobile engines, boats, toys and accessories. Of all the catalogues I have seen this one has the best quality drawings of the product.

Item CAT901

$12.95 ea.


Weeden, The Company and its Products by Kenneth Trobaugh

This publication is the definitive work on the Weeden Manufacturing Company from 1882 to 1952. All known products, including steam engines, boats, vehicles, accessories, electric motors and novelty items are coverted. Each is illustrated with description, year of production, period cost and rarity scale. This book is not bound, so the collector may bind to suit their own needs.

Available directly from the author

Kenneth Trobaugh
621 New Avenue
Front Royal, Va. 22630


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Governor Top

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Logo Decals

Mica Sheets

Machine Screws


Replacement Cords

Safety Valve

Safety Valve Mount for No. 32 - 34

Safety Valve Bayonet Style

Sight Glasses

Throttle Screw

Taps & Dies

Whistle Mount for No. 32 - 34

Whistle, Replacement


Free Ebook
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PG2000 Router Bit Bearing Lube Pen
PG2000 Router Bit Bearing Lube Pen

Perfect for oiling moving parts,
not for contact with steam.