There are over 100 different models of Weeden toy steam engines, many are very similar with only small details distinguishing them. Added to the mix are these totally unique engines.


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The Weeden No. 15 stands 8" high. It was introduced in 1894 and produced into 1898. The No. 19 used the identical engine.

Weeden No. 16

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Weeden 16
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The Weeden 16 was a special engine manufactured for Sears. Introduced in mid 1890's and produced until 1915, base is
4 1/2" X 5 5/8" and it stands 8 1/4" high.

Ebay Sales of No. 16's

August / 13 - Needs Restoration. - 9 bids - 315.00 USD

Feb. / 14 - Complete, good condition - 17 bids - 474.99 USD


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A model embossed with "Big Giant" was produced for Youth's Companion magazine for several years beginning in 1898.

Ad Prints from Youth's Companion avaliable here.

Early models shipped with a brass base.

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The Weeden No. 20's base is also a burner with a wick similar to a coal oil lamp, the chimney vents through the boiler on most models. It stands 11" high, diameter at base 4 1/2", it has a brass boiler, early models may have had a brass base, the red painted base is more common. Introduced in 1894 and production continued with minor changes for over 50 years. A similar model with a gun metal finished brass boiler and nickle base was sold as the No. 53. An electric version was introduced as the No. 720 in 1933.

This engine is designed to burn either alcohol or coal oil (lamp oil).

As described in their catalogue, "The lamp and draft arrangements in this engine is especially adapted for the use of petroleum oil to be used in places where alcohol cannot be easily obtained, and the cost of petroleum oil for fuel is very small compared with alcohol."

Replacement Burner Wicks

Download No.20 Operating Instructions

Ebay Sales of No. 20's

Feb. /12 - Rough, missing base - 14 bids - 75.99 USD

July /11 - Good condition, missing smokestack - 12 bids - 92.00 USD

Feb. /15 - Good condition - 24 bids - 108.00 USD

Aug. /11 - Complete with box and accessories - 9 bids - 110.00 USD

May /12 - Good condition, Big Giant - 17 bids - 130.48 USD

June /11 - Good condition - 18 bids - 155.50 USD

June /11 - Very good condition - 18 bids - 201.50 USD

Weeden Force No. 37

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The Weeden Force No. 37 is equipped with a water pump that will throw a stream of water about six feet at normal engine speed. Their catalogue suggests that rival contests with two pumps to see which can throw water the farthest will prove an unfailing source of amusement. It was introduced in 1896 and produced for about 40 years. It stands 8 3/4" high, base measures 6" X 8 1/2".

Download Instructions for No.37 Force

Ebay Sales of No. 37's

Oct./ 15 - Complete, good condition. - 22 bids - 102.70 USD

July /10 - Complete, good condition - 6 bids - 166.66 USD

June /11 - Good condition, missing pump bulb - 16 bids - 172.50 USD

Nov. / 13 - Ex. condition - 9 bids - 283.67 USD

Weeden No. 43

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The Weeden No. 43 has stairs and a balcony, uncommon for a Weeden, the boiler may be blued steel or brass, the hardwood base is grey with black edges and measures 5" X 8", it stands 12" high. A later model No. 43, an electrically heated horizontal boiler style engine was introduced by National Playthings in the 1940's.

This engine was introduced in 1896 and continued in production into 1918.

Ebay Sales of No. 43's

April/15 - Good condition - 13 bids -294.29 USD

Weeden No. 70 - 71

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These Weedens are unusual in that they have a D shaped boiler with a flat bottom and the fly wheel shaft runs parallel to the boiler.

The No. 70 is the smallest of the three with a 2 5/8" X 5" base and standing 6" high.

The No. 71 is the mid size version, base is 3" X 6" and it stands 7 1/2" high.

Both were introduced in 1908 and produced until 1912.

Weeden No. 72

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The Weeden No. 72 is the largest of three similar engines, the other two being the No. 70 and No. 71. The base is 7" X 4" and it stands 8 3/4" high. Introduced in 1908 and produced until 1912.

Ebay Sales of No. 72's

Feb./11 - Needs repairs, no burner - 10 bids - 392.00 USD

Weeden No. 78

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The Weeden No. 78 has two round steel pillars supporting the engine. The cast iron base is 6" X 4", it stands 10" high. It was introduced in 1908 and produced for the next 10 years.

Weeden No. 121
"The Pioneer"

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This Weeden No. 121, also known as the "Pioneer" was a design produced by Edgar Side and bought by Weeden. The first production from 1919 to 1920 was an alcohol burner model. It was later revived as an electrically heated model in 1927 and produced until 1940. The base is 7" X 10" and it stands 10 1/2" high.

Ebay Sales of No. 121's

April / 09 - Very nice condition - 25 bids - 685.00 USD

Weeden No. 802

photo Steamrgene

Blurry photo but original does say 802

Download Copy of Directions

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A second one needing TLC

This Weeden No. 802 is not unusual looking, in fact it looks just like a No. 702, a known electrically heated model. What makes it unusual is that this flame heated model has never been listed anywhere, it should not exist, yet it does complete with original operating instructions with No. 802 printed on them.

Ebay Sales of No. 802's

June / 12 - Good condition, with burner - 6 bids - 135.50 USD

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