Weeden Steam Parts Drawer Clear Out

Decided it was time to sort out my parts drawer, most of these are used one of a kind original parts, they are listed as "Buy it Now".

Postage to US and Canada is listed for each item, on multiple orders excess postage will be refunded. International orders will have an addtional charge of $5.00 payable here.

Items are sold on a first come first serve basis, I will issue a refund on any item that has been previously sold.

Weeden Parts

Heavy Flywheel
2 1/4" dia. with 1/8" dia shaft 2 3/16" long. Good condition, shaft is a bit loose in hub.

Item PD101

$25.00 + S&H $10.00


Heavy Flywheel
2 1/4" dia. with 3/32" dia shaft 2 1/2" long. Good condition.

Item PD102

$25.00 + S&H $10.00


Light Flywheel
2 1/4" dia. with 3/32" dia shaft 2 1/2" long. Good condition.

Item PD104

$25.00 + S&H $10.00

2 Available

Repaired Light Flywheel
2 1/4" dia. with 3/32" dia shaft 2 1/2" long. One spoke repaired, still runs true as original.

Item PD105

$12.50 + S&H $10.00


No. 645 - 646 Engine Assembly
Includes frame, flywheel, sprocket and axle, sorry no crank.
Used condition, needs cleaning.

Item PD106

$62.50 + S&H $10.00

Weeden Flywheel

Small Flywheel
2" diameter flywheel loose crank on 3 1/4" long shaft, 3/32" diameter.
Used condition, likely from No.641 unit, possible spoke repairs.

Item PD107

$15.00 + S&H $10.00


weeden flywheel

Light Flywheel
2 1/8" dia. with 3/32" dia bore, no shaft, 5/16" diameter drive pulley.

Item PD108

$20.00 + S&H $6.50



Thin Weeden Smokestack

Narrow Smokestack
Fits 19/32" dia. mount such as the No. 646 Roller, 3" long with notch at base. This is smaller than the more common smokestack.
Good used condition.

Item PD109

$20.00 + S&H $10.00



Weeden Heater unit

No. 903 Heater Unit
Used condition, good porcelain and heater element.
May not be exaclly as illustrated.

Item PD110

$45.00 + S&H $10.00

Weeden piston and cylinder

No. 903 Piston and Cylinder
Fits No. 903, 63 and other engines with the long connecting rod. Used condition, spring and nut included.
May not be exaclly as illustrated.

Item PD111

$25.00 + S&H $10.00

cloth cord

Cloth Covered Cords

Used condition, may show signs of wear or rust on metal parts  May not be exaclly as illustrated.

Item PD121
$12.50 ea.
+ S&H $10.00

Weeden Windmill Parts

No. 80 Windmill Parts

Used condition, needs cleaning, includes 6" diameter fan, 2 1/2" diameter roof, shaft and pulley included, pulley has partially disintegrated so is not functional. 

Item PD122
+ S&H $10.00

Weeden Smokestack

Weeden Common Smokestack

Used condition, needs cleaning, length 3 5/8", inside diameter 13/16".

Item PD118

+ S&H $10.00

Weeden Smokestack

Weeden Long Smokestack

Used condition, needs cleaning, length 4 1/2", inside diameter 13/16".

Item PD119

+ S&H $10.00

Weeden SS Smokestack

Weeden Stainless Steel Smokestack

Custom made, needs cleaning, length 5", inside diameter 13/16".

Item PD123

+ S&H $10.00

Mamod Parts

Mamod Canopy

Mamod TE 1 Canopy
Complete with rear supports and front clip, good used condition, decals a bit worn.
Rear supports need to be riveted to canopy. Older style with front spring clip.

Item PD112

$17.50 + S&H $10.00


Mamod front axle

Mamod TE 1 Front Axle
Rusty, needs clean up, missing leaf spring, no nuts, as shown in photo.

Item PD113

$7.50 + S&H $6.50


3/8" ID red fibre gaskets

3/8" Red Fibre Gaskets
Red fibre gaskets, 3/8" ID X 5/8" OD
. Packet of 5

Item PD114

$1.50 + S&H $6.50


Air Hose Adapter

Air Hose Adapter
Test an engine on air, fits 1/4" X 28 TPI boiler bushings, gasket included.
Fits 1/4" OD vinyl hose

Item PD117

$8.50 + S&H $6.50

Mamod Rear Axle

Mamod Rear Axle
Custom rear axle threaded for acorn nuts.

Item PD120

$8.50 + S&H $6.50


Wilesco Parts

Wilesco TE wheels

Wilesco TE Rear Wheels
Both new, one is excellent condition, other one has had heat applied to paint so needs repainting.

Item PD115

$15.00 for Pair + S&H $10.00


Wilesco Whistle
New condition, red handle, includes boiler bushing.

Item PD116

$22.50 + S&H $6.50



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