"Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?"
- Rod Stewart

WEEDEN Odds and Mods

As Rod Stewart so aptly put it, "Every picture tells a story, don't it?" It would be interesting to know the history of some of these oddball models Weeden released and just what possessed some of the owners to do what they did.

Many of these examples are from listings on eBay added with the permission of the seller, it would be interesting to hear some of the buyers comments on their purchases.

I have also included some photos of specific Weeden parts and how they were put to use.

Lock-In Safety Valve and or Steam Dome

This type of fittting was quite common on many of the older Weeden models, in fact this was how the engine is attached to the top of the boiler on the popular No.1, 2 and 3 units. The fitting is inserted into the boiler and given a 1/4 turn to lock it in, I find a silicone gasket cut from a cake pan works very well.

Cylinder Modification

Thanks Jim

The eBay seller of this No. 648 did not have any information on the machinist that did this work, I would certainly be interested to hear how the engine runs from the new buyer.

Green No. 14's

Thanks Steamrgene

This is the First style No. 14, the green paint is original. It has the weeden shield on the front boiler end cap (it did not show in the photo). It also has the early style lever safety valve, there is no sight glass. There have been later green models as well, Weeden often built speciality items to be marketed exclusively by certain retailers.

Interesting Burner Arrangement

Another Early No. 14
Thanks Ben K.

This is an interesting alteration to an early No. 14, a wooden base was added to allow enough height for three individual glass burners.

Cool Theme

Thanks John S.

Contrary to most steam applications the goal here seems to be cooling with the coiled steam line and the fan fastened to the board. There is a pipe coming out the bottom of the fan unit perhaps the steam had to be cooled so it would not melt the plastic fan blades.

Note the extension on whistle handle and modified throttle adjusting screw.

Thinking Outside the Box

One penny repair job.

Thanks Richard Wheeler

I have often wondered why Weeden didn't make stock models with a double-acting occillating cylinders.

Thanks Paul

Somebody obviously cared enough for their No.648 that they built this clever case to store it in.

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Sight Glass Tubes & Replacement Units

Thanks Rick M.

Early No. 14 cylinders were fastened with pins, later models had screws.

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