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Toy steam engine enthusiasts are probably some of the most friendly and helpful people one could hope to meet. They come from all parts of the globe, both guys and gals, all ready to step in and give a hand. These are some of the sites I have discovered along the way, if you have a site or know of one that you feel should be included here just drop me a line.

Atlas 618 Lathe Projects

- Dean Williams covers the Atlas 6" lathe with projects and accessories to build.

Australian Toy Steam

- Tony Muir uncovers the lost history of Australian toy steam.

BA - Bolts

- Source for BA and Metric bolts,nuts, grub screws, taps and dies etc.

Carol and Dallas' Antique Toys

- Only known supplier of Weeden drive chains, a simply fantastic collection of steam and other types of toys and dolls.

Case Threshing Machine Scale Model

- This model actually works.

Collecting Toy Steam Engines

- HIstory and Info About Collecting Toy Steam Engines from Do-It-101.com.

Collecting Live Steam Toy Trains

- Includes American, British and German manufacturers from Do-It-101.com.

Dangerous Boiler Making

- Don't let the title scare you, a very interesting blog on model steam boilers.

Doll Steam Engine & Accessory Identification

- German site with thumbnails leading to expanded views.

Fabulous Tin Toys

- Online resource to tin toys and dolls.

How to Get Mamod Steam Engine Going

- Instructions on how to fire up your first Mamod steam engine.

IndianaRog and the Temple of Steam

- The Temple of Steam is "Legendary" and must be visited.

IndianaRog's Restorers Toolbox

- Tips and tricks from the master himself.

ITA Shop

- Small scale machining services and the production of replacement and bespoke parts for the Live Steam and Model Engineering Community.

John's Model Steam Museum

- Includes German, British and American engines.

Mamod and Other Steam Engines

- Great site covering Mamod engines.

Markie Precision Working Models

- LImited production, handmade to order traction engines.

Mikes Steam Engines

- An online museum of toy steam engines.

Mobile Steam Toys

- Chris Johns has put together a great collection of mobile engines.

MooseMan Toy Steam Engines

-Odilon welcomes you to the House of Moose, well worth the visit.

Roly Williams

- Interesting site, check out his book as well.

Rusty Iron Workshop

- Stationary engines, antique tractors and old machinery.

Steam Mods

- Modifications, restorations, repairs and shop tips.

S.T.E.A.M Pictures

- Photos from the S,T.E.A.M. magazine

Sundial Wire

- Cloth covered wire, they supply 3 conductor wire to upgrade your cord with a ground.

Taig Lathe Machining Projects

- A wealth of information offered by Dean Williams on using Taig lathes and milling machines to build projects and accessories.

The Internet Craftsman Museum

- Highlighting the best craftsmen from around the world and their miniature projects in metal and wood

The Lampworks

- Bio of William Nye Weeden.

The Sutcliffe Midget Oilcan

- Not a Weeden product but a classy way to lube any brand of engine.

Toy Steam

- Mike Cook, known as "caravanuk" on eBay always has some incredible items for sale on his site as well.

The Toy Steam Bible

- Project to catalogue photos of as many brands of toy steam engines as possible.

The Truth About Steam Oil

- Harry Wade's wisdom anout steam oil.

The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum

- Great place to discuss steam engines and live steam locomotives.

Victorian Timeline

- Oveview of historical events, actual and fictional.

Vintage Internet Patents

- Original patent prints and documentation of Weeden and other toy steam engines.

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